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18-year-old drank alcohol at party before Georgia car accident

In Georgia, the transition from minor child to adult happens the moment a 17-year-old becomes 18. Adulthood allows teens to make legal decisions that once were made by the teens' parents. Some adult doors remain locked until a person reaches 21 including permission to possess, purchase and consume alcohol.

Georgia community rallies around paralyzed teen accident victim

Some Columbus motor vehicle accident victims suffer injuries requiring long-term or lifetime medical treatment, which health and auto insurances fail to cover. A victim's recovery can be stalled when the money runs out. Liability lawsuits help car accident victims recover compensation for losses and provide money for future care.

Columbus 18-year-old charged with murder for stolen car crash

Georgia liability laws limit parental responsibility for the actions of minors. State statute 51: 2-3 permits injury claims up to $10,000 for property and medical costs when a minor intentionally causes harm. Other compensation is possible under the Georgia Family Purpose Doctrine, but only when a minor is authorized to use a family car.

Carmaker admits ignition flaw 4 years after Georgia auto fatality

Aggressive, distracted and drunk driving are common factors in Georgia traffic accidents. Driver error is responsible for an enormous number of victims' injuries, but it's not the reason for every auto accident. Sometimes, it's the vehicle that's unsafe.

Brain-injured Georgia victim dies a week after bike crash

Two legal actions may be taken through a Georgia civil court following a death caused by carelessness. An estate claim, called a survival action, requests compensation for a decedent's pain and suffering and financial costs, like medical and funeral expenses. A wrongful death action is an attempt to recover damages for survivors' losses.

Columbus crash victim severely injured while trapped under van

Hit-and-run accident investigators operate against a time clock. As with any other unsolved crime, the longer a suspected driver is free, the more evidence can be lost. Delays give an at-fault driver the opportunity to hide, repair or sell a vehicle damaged in an auto accident.

Lawsuit near Georgia faults parents for teen's car accident

Adults have good reason to be apprehensive about handing over the car keys to a teen driver. Inexperienced drivers are often too immature to grasp the consequences of unsafe driving practices. Parents are less worried about teens getting a ticket than being hurt or injuring or killing someone else.

Georgia multi-county indictment filed 6 months after crash

Police may take months to investigate a traffic accident. The long procedure often involves evidence collection and elimination. Sometimes auto accident reports and criminal charges hinge on blood test results which can prove or disprove driver impairment.

South Georgia driver hurt when suspect's car crashes in chase

Drivers' behaviors that exceed the boundaries of traffic laws often go unpunished. Some Georgia drivers receive citations while others are arrested following auto accidents involving serious injuries or death. A fear of uncertain consequences pushes some motorists to flee, endangering the pursued, the pursuer and all innocent victims in between them.

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